An event isn’t simply an overdramatized production, it is a celebration. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a family reunion, or simply a girl’s night out – it is a celebration of life, love, and family, and it should reflect these values in personality and in quality.

A wedding is the biggest celebration of them all – it is a memory that will forever by ingrained in your mind and heart, and it is something you should be proud of creating! Modage Cottage simply offers inspiration, motivation, and a helping hand in creating the best, least stressful experience possible.

Now let’s party!

A fully customized wedding board package includes:
-an inspiration e-board illustrating ideas, color-schemes, themes, and basic outline of your event
-upon approval, 6 e-boards illustrating colors, venue options, decor, flowers, food & drink, & the look + 2 revisions
-local vendor options
-organizational templates
-DIY and recipe ideas

*PLEASE NOTE: My services help you nail down a color scheme and design concept for your event. While this is not an event planning service, I will provide you with the necessary information in order for you or your event coordinator to transform concept into reality as painlessly and seamlessly as possible.

Rustic Romance 1 Rustic Romance 2 Rustic Romance 3  

Rustic Romance 4Rustic Romance 5 Rustic Romance 6

Pop O Color 1 Pop O Color 2 Pop O Color 3

Pop O Color 4 Pop O Color 5 Pop O Color 6

NT Wedding Inspiration 1 NT Wedding Inspiration 2

NT Wedding Inspiration 4 NT Wedding Inspiration 3


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